Organizing the nonfiction

Melissa and I spend almost two hours this past Friday working on the nonfiction room. We pasted the newly laminated section labels to the bookshelves and did a thorough read-through of Science, Social Studies, History, Health & Beauty, Psychology & Self-Help, Motivational, Money (which we will be changing to Careers & Money), Places, Adventure, Education, Reference, Spirituality & Religion, Culture & Entertainment, and Parenting (Sports, which is also in this area, was organized several weeks ago when we added spine labels to all the sports books).

We shuffled the placement of the shelves slightly so that Social Studies (which now includes the books previously classified as Politics), History, and Places are all adjacent, as are Health & Beauty, Psychology & Self-Help, and Money, which are now placed close to Motivational and Spirituality & Religion. We also placed sections that are more narrative (History, Social Studies) or practical (Health & Beauty, Money) closer to eye-level to facilitate browsing, while more reference-oriented sections (such as Places, Education, and, as you may have guessed, Reference) are on lower shelves, since those books are more likely to be chosen for a specific need (and thus specifically sought out) rather than read for leisure (and thus tend to be chosen by browsing). And, of course, we sorted through the shelves to make sure everything is in the section it should be

Now I’m in the process of updating the LibraryThing catalog to reflect books’ placement in the current shelving sections. And on Monday, we’ll be adding spine labels to Poetry, Science, and Chapter Books, thanks to new labels provided by the Urbana Free Library:

These labels join the labels we’ve already added to the collection over the course of the summer:

Fiction 15+


Relationship fiction

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Graphic Novels & Comics


The Classics

The shelves are looking good!


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One Comment on “Organizing the nonfiction”

  1. Shannon Siders Says:

    Thanks ladies! Very excited about the new stickers and organization!

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